Nine Months Have Come and Gone

I began this blog so that I could keep track of my thoughts during a very particular time — the nine months while my wife carried our new baby. That time has past, of course, and so much has changed. One of the most significant changes is that B.J. Kilpatrick, my very dear friend and one of my few readers in the beginning, died this past fall. I am deeply sorrowful that she did not live to see Leo James come into to the world. I hope and have faith that she is caring for him in some way some where. Now we see through a glass darkly, but then we will know as we are known. St. Paul wrote that many, many years ago. I believe it is true.

New folks have come along and welcome, I’m glad you’re here. There’s even and old friend who has left a few comments. I’ve know Sarah since I was in Kindergarten. It’s amazing to think that my own children are making friends they will perhaps know for many years. I know more people stop by than often leave comments. Please, feel free to let me know you’ve visited and drop a comment, or two.

I want to keep this project going. Like I’ve said in the noted in the header, “Nine months is only the beginning.” Ninemonths began as a very focused project for gathering my thoughts about life while waiting on the birth of my fourth child. So what now? Life in a family of six — why not? The Missus and I each come from families of four. Who knows what is around the bend.

Today we took Leo to the Doc for his first check-up. The secretary asked us what number his insurance card would be. Is it four, or five? We looked at each other, thought for a minute and said, no, it’s number six. Who knows what’s coming, but all is well. Nine months was only the beginning.


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