The NineMonths Project

This is a blog about the next nine months, from May 2006 until mid-January and maybe right into February. You see, my wife, the Missus, is expecting our fourth baby. How amazing and what a surprise! It struck me the other day that I should keep track of this time, because that’s something I didn’t do while the Missus was carrying our other three.

But it still may not be obvious why I want to start a blog just about this little bit of time. The best blogs, or rather those I enjoy most, are all very focused. Their authors do allow for some variation and what-not, meandering through whatever catches their attention. I hope I achieve that here. I also want to keep track of what goes on during the pregnancy, from my point of view. I want to help my memory along. I want a place to keep my memories. But as a Dad, what happens during a pregnancy? I’m wondering about that, too. I think this blog will help to find that out.

I also want to share this time, so that’s why a blog and not simply a journal. A journal might be better in some respects. It has a romantic charm and writing, the physical act of it, pen on paper, is so much less serious than typing. I don’t know if it’s the sound of the clickety-clack keys or the fact I can’t pull my hair out and type at the some time, but typing is solemn business.

I suppose I will keep an old fashioned journal as this blog’s basis. That would make this blog my paper journal’s front porch, so come sit a while. (Update 9/21/06) I stopped keeping the paper journal.

Let me know who you are. I think the next nine months will be very… interesting and blessed, too.


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