Eczema, Yogurt & Washing Machines

Wing has a nice case of Eczema. I’m not sure why it’s flared up now, but I wonder if the antibiotics he’s been taking the past four weeks aren’t to blame. Who knows, but I’ll be watching when we finish the antibiotic run to see if it doesn’t clear up. Fortunately soy yogurt doesn’t bother him and he loves it. He eats like we’re starving him.

The doc said his infected ear is looking better. The antibiotic is good for something.

We’ve found that he likes to nap in his crib. All we have to do is lay him down and he’ll go to sleep. Well, it works when he goes to sleep. How’s that for a tautology? He sleeps in the crib when he goes to sleep in the crib. (I think I need to go to sleep.)

The washing machine gave up the ghost yesterday. Keep in mind that this comes right on the heels of our switch to cloth diapers. You have to wash cloth diapers really often, see. The old washing machine just wasn’t up for it. We went and bought ourselves a new machine today from Home Depot. Now the old van will be paid off a couple months later than planned as a result.


~ by The Bosphorus on June 3, 2007.

13 Responses to “Eczema, Yogurt & Washing Machines”

  1. I feel goofy even suggesting advice since you have 4 kids and I have just the one. And I’m sure you know this already about special laundry detergents, but we are prone to sensitive skin here and have recently switched to the dye and perfume free detergent and dryer sheets. Of course, you probably use special baby laundry soap.

  2. Nah, we don’t use a special detergent & I can’t rule the detergent out as a culprit.

  3. Don’t feel goofy, EmmaLeigh! I appreciate your advice!
    I can’t rule detergent out either. Although there is one argument against detergent: the eczema rash doesn’t appear anywhere on his diaper area. And since the cloth diapers have been washed using the same detergent as the rest of his clothes, I would think that if it were a detergent sensitivity, it would show up wherever he was exposed to it. This is all new to me, though, so I might very well be mistaken.

  4. You’re so nice! I think I just open my mouth before I think things through. The eczema may just be a side effect of the antibiotics. I don’t know of any over-the-counter creams that might help, especially since he’s just a little guy. I’m sure your pediatrician could call something in or make a suggestion.


    I just found this. Given the recent problmes, this may be the answer.

  6. Great article, EmmaLeigh! Thank you! It’s funny – he first started getting the rash when he started the antibiotics, and then it got much worse after the cow’s milk yogurt reaction. It’s all connected, isn’t it?
    I’m pleased that he likes the soy yogurt; perhaps it can help replenish those beneficial bacterium.

  7. Thanks for the reference EmmaLeigh. That article is fascinating. Now we need to eat lots of soy yogurt!

  8. If you are interested, I have a yogurt maker that someone gave me as a gift several years ago that I have just never gotten around to using… I’d be happy to give it to ya’ll if you think you’d get some use out of it.

  9. That would be awesome, Suzanne! Thanks! We’d be happy to pay for shipping on it.

  10. I’m going to be in Knoxville this weekend. E-mail me!

  11. i think you just need to wash the kid more. (ha, ha. I just like leaving “parental” advice from the girl that has no kids. but sometimes my kitties seem extra itchy).

  12. It’s from the cow’s milk there is a place called who makes eczema balm that works so well. Give me a yell if you want to try some, I’ve got a whole jar.

  13. Eczema can be managed by using corticosteroids and sometimes pain killers to manage it…

    The latest blog post from our personal blog site

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