This morning the Missus gave Wing some yogurt. All the antibiotics have wiped his gut out and made him even more miserable. Wing loved the yogurt and ate it right up. He even opened his mouth for the spoon when he first saw it.

The Missus took the empty bowl to the sink and when she came back Wing’s face was red where the yogurt had gotten on him. Bright red with little white bumps. Scary stuff to say the least. This cleared up after about an hour.

Seems the poor guy has a pretty strong allergic response to lactose, milk, dairy, or whatever.


~ by The Bosphorus on May 31, 2007.

10 Responses to “Milk”

  1. Well, that was a great suggestion I had! Sorry!

    They do make soy yogurt, though… maybe you could try a teensy bit, to see if it would be okay? (If so, you can make your own with one store-bought container as a starter, and save big bucks over the expensive stuff).

    Wow, Wingnut is a challenge, huh?

  2. That’s okay, Suzanne! We had asked our nurse practioner about it, too, and she had given the go-ahead. You just can’t know about these things!
    Actually, I’m seeing this as a very helpful experience. If Wing indeed does have a milk allergy, that could explain a lot and now I know that I need to cut dairy out of my own diet.
    So, thanks!

  3. Haven’t you been through this before? Does this mean I get free milk again?

  4. I was vegan for a while, so if you need any non-dairy help, let me know.

  5. this may be the key to the ear infections. i’m glad the reaction wasn’t worse! for the diarrhea, acidophilus worked wonders for rhino this spring – i wish i had known about it years ago when my kids were where wing is.

  6. AT, always on the look out for some free milk.

  7. You may have to wrestle Lugnut for the milk, AT.

  8. Cash has this too. It’s a whey allergy in cow’s milk. When he was small I had to cut dairy out of my diet because he would throw up after nursing and scream. He still has a constant small rash on his face because I don’t cut out all dairy out of his diet (in bread and baked goods mostly).

  9. I am sorry to hear wing nut has had a tough go of it. We had a weekend of strange reactions. W has some strange allergy to who knows. Here eyes have been pussing for three days. Doc says it is allergies but the blood shot spot — yes spot — on her eye ball looks very strange. So how do you get eye drops is a toddler’s eye? Two grown adults, a couch, and perfect aim.

    Please let me know how wingnut is doing. And send some pics too!!! Say hi to the tribe.

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