This is how we build a bassinet.

It begins…


Spotz watches over me.

Bassinet and Lugnut

That’s Lugnut. He says, “Dah-Dee!”


~ by The Bosphorus on September 9, 2006.

8 Responses to “This is how we build a bassinet.”

  1. How many bottles of beer and curses did this thing not show?

  2. Dollars to doughnuts that Lugnut is in the bassinet for a test-snooze before Newbaby (Lou?) even arrives.

  3. […] situation. I should amend that happy statement by saying he is a sleeper when he’s not in the bassinet. When somebody, usually Mama (aka the Missus), holds him, he’s out like a […]

  4. […] Last September we bought a bassinet. We had high hopes of a sleeping baby nearby for late night chows and cuddles. There would be a bed […]

  5. What is the source for that bassinet kit? Vendor? Part Number?

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